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No Frills Magento Layout

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No Frills Magento Layout

Pulse Storm
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Covers all versions of Magento 2, and your purchase includes the classic No Frills Magento Layout (covering all versions of Magento 1)

CSS Preprocessors, Responsive Design, Vue Storefront, React, Redux, Progressive Web Apps —— in the decade since the release of Magento 1.0 the front end web world has seen multiple mini-revolutions in how we all make user interfaces for our websites. 

At its heart though, Magento 2 remains a software application framework firmly rooted in the world of server side HTML generation that's progressively enhanced via javascript and CSS. In No Frills Magento 2 Layout, Alan Storm will guide you through Magento 2's complicated Layout Update XML system, as well as the fundamentals on how Magento bootstraps its LessCSS and RequireJS frameworks. By the time you're done you'll understand the building blocks  Magento 2 uses to construct its HTML pages, and be better able to focus on your user experience and business problems instead of focusing on Magento's.

Your purchase includes a copy of the original No Frills Magento Layout. Whether you've inherited an old Magento 1 system that's living on or curious where Magento 2's layout system came from, this classic book will light your way through all of Magento's dark corners.

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